3 Great Reasons to Consume More Protein

Protein is arguably the most important of all three macronutrients (the other two being fat and carbohydrates). However, recent research has found that the vast majority of us don’t appear to be consuming enough each day to truly reap the rewards associated with this wonderful macronutrient, and that is such a shame. Protein not only plays a key role in the development and recovery of muscle tissue (more on that later) but perhaps even more importantly, protein also has been proven to be essential for cellular health and function. As we as human beings, are basically made up of billions upon billions of microscopic cells, the importance of getting enough protein suddenly becomes more apparent. If you’re looking to increase your protein consumption, here are 3 great reasons to get more protein each day.

Protein helps promote fat loss

First and foremost, if ever there was a very popular reason to consume more protein each day – this is it. Protein has been proven to help promote fat loss in a variety of different ways. To begin with, protein is a macronutrient which is what is known as being ‘thermogenic’. Thermogenic compounds are much harder for the body to break down and digest. This means that when you eat protein-rich foods, the body struggles to digest and break them down, so it has to work harder. By working harder, it requires more energy so the metabolism also has to work harder and burn off more calories. This means that by simply digesting the food, you are burning calories. As it is harder to digest, it stays in your system for longer and subsequently helps suppress your appetite and keep you feeling full for longer. It also helps build muscle, which brings us to…

Protein increases muscle mass

Whether you’re looking to bulk up and transform your physique, or simply add a few pounds of lean muscle, in order to do so, you need to be getting enough protein. Protein plays a key role in the growth and repair of muscle tissue, and without it, your muscles just will not grow or function properly. Protein helps initiate protein synthesis which helps damaged muscle tissue to be repaired and replaced after a tough workout, plus it helps nourish the body and muscles with the amino acids and nutrients needed to grow and function correctly.

Protein increases energy levels

If you’re constantly feeling tired and lethargic, the cause of which could be a lack of protein. Numerous studies have proven that protein can help to substantially increase a person’s energy levels, helping to wake them up and provide them with the energy needed to get through the day ahead. The main reason for this is all down to the metabolism. You see, when you are increasing your protein intake and increases your muscle mass, your metabolism has to work harder and generate more energy for you. This literally provides you with the best of both worlds because when your metabolism is firing on all cylinders, you will burn calories and find it easier to burn fat, and will enjoy increased amounts of energy as the calories are converted into glucose for the body to use for fuel.

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