7 Tips To Help You Lose Weight

Are you struggling to meet your weight loss goals? Here are seven practical and effective tips that can help you lose those pounds:

  1. Water. Start by drinking more water, and if possible, drink ONLY water, green tea or coffee. Sodas, bottled juices and fancy coffee drinks like frappuccinos are loaded with added sugar and calories that are keeping you fat. If you need coffee, the occasional cup of black coffee (5 calories) will rev up your metabolism and burn a few more calories.
  2. Skip the cereal. Have one or two eggs with vegetables and a small amount of cheese or a cup of greek yogurt for breakfast. Protein for breakfast can increase your weight loss as it will help you to feel full longer and the protein requires your body to burn more calories to digest than carbohydrates.
  3. Skip the bread. Processed white flour bombs like bread, bagels and chips are ruining your hard work to lose weight. One bagel contains the same number of calories as five slices of bread, all are examples of seriously condensed calories similar to sugar bombs.
  4. Avoid added sugar. Donuts, cookies and pastry, etc. are empty calories, a LOT of empty calories. Sugar also manipulates your insulin levels – high blood sugar levels cause high insulin levels and eventually builds a tolerance to insulin which leads to Type 2 diabetes. Lower blood sugar and insulin levels results in increased fat burning.
  5. Eat more vegetables. Vegetables or complex carbs, provide fiber that will fill you up, help you feel full longer, take longer for your stomach to digest and contain fewer calories than other foods. Be careful with dressings and skip the croutons and cheese on your salads.
  6. Portion control. Use smaller plates and bowls. You should be eating 4-6 smaller healthier meals throughout the day, use “portion control” and eat those meals from smaller plates and bowls to make smaller servings appear larger. This simple illusion works well and will reduce the number of calories you eat at each meal. Serve and eat your meals seated at the table and avoid eating while standing, on-the-go, and never in your car. You will eat fewer calories seated at the table when you focus on eating.
  7. Hit the gym. The gym or the track, or use fitness DVDs to exercise and become more active. You will greatly increase your fat loss and weight loss by increasing your activity level. But first, you must get up and walk, run, bike or lift some weights.

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