How To Fit Fitness Into Your Daily Routine

We live busy and demanding lives, with countless activities that pull us in many directions. Between work, school and kids, it just seems that there just isn’t any time left for exercise or fitness activities.

“I don’t have time.” No time is the most common excuse for not exercising, but a lack of time is not really an acceptable excuse. You need to take time, or make time for fitness and health. Here are three suggestions of ways to fit fitness into your busy routine:

1. Start By Multi-tasking.

Find ways to fit exercise into your normal daily activities at home or on the job. Need to go shopping? Walk to the store, walk to work, or to school. Need to go to the neighborhood mall? Park on the edge of the lot and walk, or park on the topmost level of the parking garage and use the stairs up and down. Walk the dog, briskly. Drag your treadmill, stationary bike or rowing machine out of the garage and place it in front of your television so that you have to be WALKING to watch your favorite reality show.

Fit exercise and fitness in at work. Stand more often by making it a habit to stand up while talking on the phone or answering your emails. When walking to the break room or restroom, take the longest route and add a few stairs to your route. If you need to talk with a coworker, get up and walk in order to talk in person. Always take your breaks and your lunch hour away from your desk.

2. Set Your Alarm Clock.

Are you a morning person? Set your alarm 20-30 minutes earlier each morning and use that extra time to exercise. It only takes 20-30 minutes of activity to get your heart pumping and your metabolism revving to burn more calories. Starting your day with exercise will avoid the excuses and interruptions later in the day or after work.

3. Change Your Way Of Thinking.

Don’t think of exercise as something that you have to do as much as something you want to do. Exercise should be viewed as fun. If you don’t look forward to your current training program, then find one that you enjoy and that you want to fit into your schedule. Stop using the “I don’t have time” excuse to avoid fitness. If you have time to socialize online, play videogames or watch TV, you have time to exercise. Get out of that desk chair or off that couch and fit fitness into your life!

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